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Statistix 10 Update

Check here for updates to Statistix 10. Changes to the Statistix 10 software and documentation can be downloaded from this page.


Last updated: 02/27/2024


This download is an update only. You must have Statistix 10 installed on your computer for this install to work. It will update the full version of Statistix, both single-user and network licenses. It will not update the free trial.

Statistix 10 Update setup file
Windows program file [17.7 MB]

Note: You must close the Statistix program before installing the update.


Update History

02/27/2024 Fixed an error in the Scatter Plot Matrix. Some data points didn't appear on the plot for data sets containing omitted cases. Also, the Y-Axis legend was misaligned for plots with only one row variable.


06/15/2023 Fixed an error in the Error Bar Chart. The bars in the key on the right side of the chart were out of position.


05/29/2022 Fixed an error in the Pareto Chart. The Cumulative Percent curve wasn't always displayed when selected.


05/20/2021 Added an option to the results menu to the Proportional Hazards Regression procedure for confidence intervals.


03/26/2021 Fixed an error in the Nonlinear Models procedure. The starting values weren't computed correctly for the Morgan-Mercer-Flodin and Richards models.


01/23/2021 Fixed an error in Import Excel. Columns of dates were often being imported as real numbers instead of dates. Recall that dates in an Excel spreadsheet must appear in the same format (month/day/year, day/month/year, or year/month/day) as your selection in General Settings.


08/28/2019 Added a check box to the Settings | Plot Font dialog box to control whether or not the X-Axis legend on plots can be displayed sideways (vertically) or not.


05/29/2019 Added the Stuart-Maxwell Test for Marginal Homogeneity to the McNemar’s Symmetry Test.


01/29/2019 Fixed an error in the Summary File procedure. When using a string variable for one of the categorical variables, only the first character of the string values would appear in the resulting file.


08/04/2018 Added an option to the Chi-Square Test dialog box to optionally select a Row Label Variable to use to add useful labels to the rows of the chi-square table when using the Table Method. Formally, case numbers where used to label the rows.


08/06/2017 Increased the maximum number of dependent variables that can be analyzed at once in analysis of variance from 10 to 20.


01/23/2017 Corrected a range check error that occurred when any cell in an empty spreadsheet was double-clicked.


01/05/2017 Corrected a range check error that occurred when computing Dunnett's multiple comparisons with a control for a General AOV model including one or more covariates.


08/29/2016 Corrected an error in the Transformations Arcsin function.


06/29/2016 Added Somers' D and c-statistic to the Logistic Regression and Stepwise Logistic Regression reports.


06/17/2016 Added Akaike weights to the Best Subset Regressions report.


04/21/2016 Added tolerance intervals to the quality control menu.


12/29/2015 Added tests for one variance and two variances to the Hypothesis Tests menu.


12/21/2015 The p-value reported for the Folded F Test on the Two-sample T Test report was for a one-sided test. It’s been corrected so that it now reports a p-value for a two-sided test.


12/18/2015 The left and right arrow buttons used to move to the previous and next residual plot didn't work properly for analysis of variance models with multiple dependent variables.


12/10/2015 Corrected a range check error when using Special Effects for a repeated measures design with only two repeated measures.


10/24/2015 Corrected a range check error that sometimes occurred while analyzing an unbalanced repeated measures design.


10/16/2015 Added an all-pairwise comparisons procedure to the results menu of the Friedman Two-Way AOV procedure.


07/08/2015 Added transformation functions Arccos, Sinh, Cosh, Tanh, Arcsinh, Arccosh, and ArcTanh.


03/06/2015 Corrected an integer overflow error that could occur in large data sets with lots of ties.


03/04/2015 Corrected an integer overflow error in the Kruskal-Wallis AOV that occurred with large samples.


03/03/2015 Added spreadsheet column width control using the mouse.
03/02/2015 The number of subjects for each between-subjects level in a repeated measures design are allowed to be unequal. But Statistix would erroneously issue an“empty cells” message when data were unbalanced.
01/15/2015 The values reported for AICc - MinAICc in Best Subset Regressions were incorrect. Rather the values reported were AICc.
12/08/2014 Corrected a range check error in Loess that occurred with large data sets.
09/23/2014 Dragging the tab for the data file page caused an error. The data tab must remain in the leftmost position.
09/10/2014 Corrected an access error in the Import Excel File procedure that occurred when selecting a different sheet.
06/09/2014 Corrected an integer overflow error in the Median Test.
05/30/2014 Added new procedure Survey Frequency Distribution to the Summary Statistics menu.

04/04/2014 Importing Excel files is much faster.

03/21/2014 In addition to pressing F2, you can now double-click on a spreadsheet cell to edit the value.


12/30/2013 Corrected a range check error in The Repeated Measures Design for data with a large number of repeated measures.


11/27/2013 Corrected a run time error in the Two-by-two Tables procedure.


11/12/2013 The Histogram procedure would sometimes erroneously report, "No data to plot."


11/02/2013 The proportions of successes (the column labeled P) reported in the Multiple Comparisons for Proportions procedure were incorrect for C × 2 contingency tables. The values for Angle(P) and the comparisons reported were correct.


10/30/2013 Exporting data to an Excel file while Excel was already open caused Excel to close when the export completed.


09/19/2013 Corrected a run time error that occurred when using the Randomized Complete Block Design with unbalanced data.


09/05/2013 Changed the way rectangles are clipped against the drawing area for histograms, bar charts, and box plots when the user restricts the range for the Y axis.


08/26/2013 When copying selected variables from the data spreadsheet to the clipboard, extra rows containing variable names appeared at the top of the chipboard data. Changed the way the Cumulative Distribution Plot computes cumulative proportions when some values are excluded by the user-specified X-axis scale. All values, including values outside the specified scale, are used to compute proportions.


07/29/2013 Changed the way font sizes are scaled for plots: Font sizes are exact when printing in landscape, and are scaled proportionately when printing in portrait or displayed on the screen. Smoothed power plots by adding intermediate points. Corrected an error in the power for two-way repeated measures design procedure when computing power for tables and plots.


07/24/2013 Added Cumulative Distribution Plot to the Summary Plots menu (cumulative distribution plots were formally an option for the Histogram procedure). Added an option for superimposed plots.


07/16/2013 The Sort Cases procedure didn't always sort string variables correctly.


07/06/2013 A black horizontal bar sometimes appeared near the tabs used to select pages. Also, creating and deleting many tabs could cause and error message, "A component results already exists", followed by the program freezing.


06/25/2013 A runtime error occurred when adding a new variable using the Recode procedure. Pressing the OK button cleared the error and the new variable was created correctly.


06/24/2013 Statistix Help and Statistix User's Manual were not accessible from the Help menu.


06/22/2013 The Lag function in the Transformations and Omit Cases procedures didn't work properly for strings longer than 19 characters.

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