Statistix 10 Data analysis software for researchers
Statistix 10Data analysis software for researchers

Alphabetized List of Statistical Procedures and Statistics

Adjusted R²

Akaike's Information Criterion

All-pairwise Comparisons

Analysis of Variance

Analysis of Covariance


Atkinson's Score

Autocorrelation Plot

Balanced Lattice Design

Bar Chart

Best Subset Regressions

Beta Probability Function

Bonferroni's Multiple Comparisons

Box and Whisker Plot

Box Plot

Box Jenkins

Box's Test


Brown and Forsythe Test

C Chart

Chi-square Test

Chi-square Probability Function

Completely Randomized Design

Conditioning Plot


Cook's Distance


Correlation Coefficient Probability Function


Cox-Mantel Test

Cox's F Test

Cox's Proportional Hazards Regression


Cronbach's Alpha

Cross Correlation Plot

Cross Tabulation

Cubic Spline

Descriptive Statistics

Dot Plot

Dunn's Multiple Comparisons

Dunnett's Multiple Comparisons

Durbin-Watson Test

Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

Error Bar Chart

EWMA Chart

Exponential Smoothing

F-probability Function

Factorial Design

Frequency Distribution

Friedman Two-way AOV

Gehan-Wilcoxon Test



Greenhouse-Geisser Test

Hazard Function Plot


Homogeneity of Variance Tests

Hosmer-Lemeshow Statistic

Hsu's Multiple Comparisons

Huynh-Feldt Test

Hypergeometric Probability Function

Hypothesis Tests

I Chart


Kendall's Tau

Kendall's Coefficient of Concordance

Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test

Kruskal-Wallis AOV

Latin Square Design

Levene's Test


Linear Regression

Linear Spline


Log-linear Models

Logistic Regression

Logrank Test


Mallow's Cp Statistic

Mann-Whitney U Statistic

Mantel-Haenzel Test

Mauchly's Statistic

McNemar's Symmetry Test

MR Chart

Multi-sample Survival Tests

Multiple Comparisons

Negative Binomial Probability Function

Nonadditivity in Analysis of Variance

Nonlinear Regression

Normal Probability Plot

Np Chart

O'Brien's Test

Odds Ratios

Omit Cases

One-way AOV

One-sample T Test

P Chart

Paired T Test

Pareto Chart

Partial Correlations

Partial Autocorrelation Plot

Pearson Correlations

Peto-Wilcoxon Test

Pie Chart

Poisson Regression

Poisson Probability Function

Polynomial Regression

Polynomial Contrasts

Power Analysis

Principal Components

Proportion Test

Proportional Hazards Regression

Q-Q Plot

Quantile Plot

R Chart

Randomized Complete Block

Rank Sum Test

Rankit Plot

Repeated Measures Design

Residual Analysis

Runs Test

S Chart

Scatter Plot

Scatter Plot Matrix

Scheffe's Multiple Comparisons

Shapiro-Wilk Normality Test

Sidak's Multiple Comparisons

Simple Effects

Smirnov Test

Spearman Correlations

Spline Interpolation

Split-plot Design

Split-split-plot Design

Standard Normal Probability Function

Stem and Leaf Plot

Stepwise Linear Regression

Stepwise Logistic Regression

Stepwise AOV Table

Strip-split-plot Design

Strip-plot Design

Student's T Probability Function

Survivorship Function Plot

Tension Spline

Time Series Plot

Tukey's Nonadditivity Test

Tukey's Multiple Comparisons

Two-sample T Test

Two Stage Least Squares Regression

Two-sample Survival Tests

U Chart

Value Labels



Weighted Regression

Welch's AOV

Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test

Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test

X Bar Chart

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